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ARCHICAD 23 Freedom to design

ARCHICAD helps architects design by providing tools which work intuitively the way they think. Each tool in ARCHICAD has been built by architects and has been designed in such a way to facilitate 3D modelling, enabling the architect to build the space around them and see immediately the way their decisions impact the spatial qualities of their design.

ARCHICAD 23 builds upon this by introducing new workflows for creating Beams and Columns. Users simply click between the start and endpoints in 3D and ARCHICAD will draw a structural element, which can be bent, curved or twisted in 4 clicks or less.

Structural elements are usually complex arrangements of interlocking shapes, ARCHICAD conceptualises this by allowing the beams and columns to be broken down into shapes or segments. These component parts are combined to form the composition, but can be edited and shaped individually in 3D. Now, its simpler than ever to model accurate structural elements and have them represented correctly in your drawings.