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End of financial year offers

20% off all Ci    Workstations

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Recruitment offer

$1000 off on all Permanent   placements fees


30% off 

our Training Passport

30% off 

our Virtual Classrooms

20% off 

our Face-to-Face Training

What's on offer in training for ARCHICAD?

What's on offer in training for SOLIDWORKS?

25% off 

our Training Passport

40% off 

our Virtual Classrooms

20% off 

our Face-to-Face Training

20% off 

our Online Training

Training deals

For a limited time only. Valid for AU only and until 30th June 2020.

Offers across the whole business

20% off 

our Online Training

Archicad licence deals

New business

- Buy 1 Licences and get 20% OFF

- Buy 2 Licences and get the 2nd 50% OFF

- Buy 3 Licences and get the 3rd 75% OFF


Single licences

20% OFF single ARCHICAD licence 

25% OFF if purchased with training or hardware

Up to 30% OFF One Month Rental ARCHICAD licence

Upgrade your version of Archicad

- 1 step receives 20% discount

- 2 steps for the price of 1 step

- 3 steps for the price of 2 steps

We'd like to take this opportunity to remind you of the Australian Government's Stimulus Package - full of tax benefits. This Package pulls through to 30th June - giving you the perfect opportunity to explore as many savings for you and your business. Our experienced Sales Team will be able to assist you with all your enquiries.

Because at Central Innovation, it’s not just about the Software. We believe in providing the best of the best

At Central Innovation, it’s about our unmatched expertise, our invaluable supportquality people, impeccable education, unprecedented growth, the fastest technology and the latest innovation

With us, you're guaranteed a partnership that will make your business succeed.

  • Digital Manufacturing Bundle
  • Plant and Process Design Bundle
  • Consumer Product Bundle
  • Design Automation Bundle
  • Design Validation Bundle
  • Data Management Bundle 1
  • Data Management Bundle 2
  • Technical Communication Bundle
  • Woodworking Bundle
  • Electrical Design Bundle

Bundled goodies

  • 3-years subscription for the price of 2-years!
  • Get amazing discounts on SOLIDWORKS Premium and SOLIDWORKS Professional.
  • Buy a Licence* + Subscription and get 15% off your Licence and 15% off your Subscription!
  • Incredible deals on  SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, Composer, Visualize and/or MBD

... and plenty more! 

* CAD packages, SIM only

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ARCHICAD cashback offer

We know at this time that cashflow is tight and want to make sure that you can take advantage of the power of ARCHICAD. To help with this we are have developed a strategy that allows you to get cash back on your purchase. 

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