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The frequent mover group is a category for those professionals that are always on the go, and are required to produce a lot of work while in and out of the office no matter where they are located on that day – whether that be home, the office or anywhere else! This group requires hardware that is ultralight, ultra thin and is ultra powerful with maximum battery life.

Central innovation’s msi ws65 rtx4000 32gb

W65 largebanner

The Central Innovation MSi WS range deliver on this With the WS65 at only 1.88KG & 17.9mm thick and the WS75 at 2.28Kg & 18.9mm thick, with up to the i9-9880H 8 core CPU & the Quadro RTX 5000 graphics card powered by a large capacity 80.25 Watt Hour battery. This includes the MSI WS65 RTX3000 32GBMSI WS65 RTX4000 32GB, MSI WS65 i9 P32, and MSI WS65 P32.