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This is the group that require very fast and powerful computer hardware to increase work productivity and ensure high deliverables. This group also tends to work from a home office and have this set up in a way that they will be super productive, as they are no longer spending up to four hours a day in transit to and from the office, and generally start work earlier and finish later than the usual work hours. So, for this group, it is imperative to equip them with the fastest, most powerful hardware to make the most of their studious approach to work.

Ic3d series 3.7 xii professional cad workstation

For this group, we recommend one of our IC3D Series 3.7 , Series 5.5 or Series 7.5 workstations. These workstations also consider the budget buyer, whilst still producing the best ROI.

The Central Innovation IC3D Series 3.7 offers 6 or 8 core CPUs at 5.0Ghz, up to 128GB RAM, full range of up to 2 Quadro Graphics cards. The Series 5.5 offers up to 18cores at up to 4.5GHz,256GB RAM, up to 7 x single slot Graphics cards or 4 x double width graphics cards, the Series 7.5 offers up to 56 CPU cores, up to  1,536GB RAM up to 7 x single slot Graphics cards or 4 x double width graphics cards, and all offer a full range of SSD & HDD solutions. All workstations have options of super fast Dual band Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to add extra 10 GB network cards so that video conferencing is easily handled.

Some of our bestsellers within this range include the Series 3.7 I Professional CAD Workstation, the Series 3.7 II Professional CAD Workstation  and the  Series 3.7 V Professional CAD Workstation.