IC3D MaxRender IV

  • IC3D MaxRender IV Render Node

    Need pure CPU rendering power to cut your render times down but don’t want a new workstation? Then farm off those intensive renders to the IC3D MaxRender IV personal desktop render node.

    The IC3D MaxRender IV is a compact and quiet dual Xeon personal render node with up to 56 cores/112 threads & 2 x Dual width Graphics cards. CPU & GPU intensive tasks can be farmed off to the MaxRender, considerably speeding up the time it takes to complete.

    “Rigorously tested for 72 hours at 100% load for assurance of stability and reliability.”

  • The perfect partner for CPU & GPU based network capable rendering or simulation software

    • Optional iKVM for KVM-over-IP for ease of management
    • Up to 1,024GB DDR4 ECC memory
    • 1 x 2.5” hot swap drive bay standard (option for 2nd)
    • Up to Dual 28 core Xeon SP CPU’s  (165w wach)
    • Option for 2 x full height full length Dual width GPU’s