Archicad - Dedicated to increasing productivity, and encouraging flexibility

These are unprecedented times. Your choice of design tool may be holding your design and your practice back. It’s time to ask:

  • Do you have the choice to continue work with your design tool, or do you risk not being able to work if you don’t pay your subscription?
  • Is your choice of design tool making it easier for engineers rather than for your clients? Is it really making it easier to design?
  • Was moving to your choice of design tool so hard that you’d rather not do it again? Have you considered whether the issue was the tool?
  • Did you know you have a choice of design tool? Did you know you can choose design tools that give you more choice, lower risk, increase productivity and promote design freedom?
  • Did you know it’s easier to switch than you think? Did you know you can succeed with using the right tool for the right project?

Be inspired by the design process and join the creative flow with a BIM solution which offers best in-class workflows, performance and is purpose built around its users.

It’s time to make the choice to switch to a tool that gives you freedom for better design. It’s time to make the switch to Archicad.

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Plan Architecture

"I happily admit that I should have done the switch to Archicad a long time ago.

It was a fortnights teething problems but soon (as I have worked with AC before up until 2005) memories came back and I got back into the stride.

The biggest difficulty was to get my head around the file structure. 

But I think I got that sorted now.

Albeit I am sure that there is still a lot to explore.

All in all this a powerful CAD package that I really enjoy to use."


Material Creative




"We decided to change our system over to Archicad after years of deliberation. For 9 years in our Business, we have used AutoCad and it's what we learned at university. Changing to Archicad ... our workflow is far more efficient now - and we love that fact on bigger jobs we can create quantity schedules which saves a lot of time we were spending in Excel spreadsheets! 

Our staff have said they would never go back, and love the fun of designing in 3D and the fact it engages them creatively. We presented a BIMX model to a client recently and they said they felt like “A kid at Christmas", seeing their house renovation in the 3D model where they were able to walk through and view every detail.

We are super happy with our decision and new streamlined workflow!"

Switching to Archicad after 15 years of using Revit has given Bree Architects a new sense of freedom and enjoyment in the design and documentation process. 

Our approach has been to look for the best tools for the job; a tool that delivers the best value for our clients and projects. 

We love the innovation and collaborative approach, and coupled with the product support, we haven't looked back.

Bree Architects