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Does your business suffer from errors and delays in the Design and Manufacturing Process?

Articles Central Innovation 13 January 2020

DataSuite – Makes your business more profitable! DataSuite unlocks data held in your disparate systems, eliminates errors and increases your speed to market.

Most manufacturing companies use multiple pieces of software to design and deliver their products. Whether it be 3D Design Software, ERP and Simulation packages or other types of databases, the software was made without regard for data integration and your data is locked up – these disparate systems don’t share data easily.   Sharing data is error prone and slow.  At least it was until DataSuite came along.

Regardless of the application, DataSuite provides an economical method of transforming your data from existing systems, fixing the errors and automatically creating the outputs you need.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on software, you don’t need expensive consultants and you don’t need a massive IT Department.

In the case of leading Australian freight transport supplier, MaxiTRANS, DataSuite delivered seamless transfer of information between the Engineering and Production departments.

Managing Director and CEO Of MaxiTRANS, Dean Jenkins, said “One of our many challenges in implementation of the ERP system was the sheer volume of data transfer between Engineering and Production.  The obvious short-term solution was to transfer data manually, which would have resulted in a massive workload and the potential to introduce human error.”

Using DataSuite, MaxiTRANS created their “Production Workbench”.  One of the big benefits is that DataSuite transfers data from their Engineering Department to Production without any double-handling and errors from overwriting – it does it fast and accurately.

“We fully expect that by removing our reliance on multiple data systems will enhance our competitive edge, “, affirms Joel Balmer of MaxiTRANS. “It’s early days since implementation but already some 1000 trailers have been produced using the new DataSuite process”.

Does your business suffer from errors and delays in the design and manufacturing process?

DataSuite creates an end-to-end workflow which embraces all steps of the manufacturing process from initial design through to production and distribution. Its features include an advanced visual interface for managing production information data, a report module with automated email alerts and process triggers, and a user interface designed to be easy to set up and maintain.

This means as your systems continue to evolve or are superseded, DataSuite’s parameters can simply be adjusted to incorporate new system components and workflow. The result is a seamless, cost-effective solution to ensure your data management is correct across all your systems – and a cutting edge alternative to the tedious and inefficient approach of manual data processing and transfer.

DataSuite can also be used to enhance data in support of more sophisticated systems, thereby enabling greater automation and systems capability and freeing up resources. And because it’s made and developed by Central Innovation in Australia, you can be assured of ongoing local support and access to customer service whenever required.

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