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Important for Windows 10 users

Tips and Tricks Soto 15 September 2016


Important for Windows 10 users

We have experienced a great number of crash reports with various ARCHICAD versions since on different Windows platforms which can be connected to the Plays.TV & Raptr applications.

Issue: Their newest software updates cause ARCHICAD to crash every 5-10 minutes. The newest updates of these applications were probably installed with Video Card driver updates.

  • ARCHICAD 19 crashes with an error message “ARCHICAD component has stopped working” .


  • ARCHICAD 20 brings up the regular bug report dialog every 5-10 minutes.

Solution: Uninstall the Plays.TV and the Raptr applications in the Windows’ Control Panel – Programs and Features.

We are contacting the developers of PlaysTV and Raptr to fix this issue.

We will update this post as soon as we get more information about this.


Thank you for your understanding



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