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Solidworks Frequency Analysis

Tips and Tricks Amgad Yacoub 26 August 2015

So you are designing a frame to support a rotary machine or an engine mount and you finished your static analysis, you are happy that your design has the required factor of safety (FOS) and ready to sign off the design certification.

Hold on you mentioned that this design is for supporting equipment that will generate vibration. In this case the mounting frame is not only affected by the stresses that are generated from the weight of the engine/equipment but also there is the effect of the generated vibration that could cause failure in the frame.

The frame will fail if one of its natural vibration modes is in the range of the operating frequency of the equipment mounted on the frame. The failure here is the result of resonance phenomenon.

Solidworks frequency analysis

Source: Unified Field Theory and the Configuration of Particles

With Solidworks Simulation Professional you can create a Frequency Study and evaluate the model, the natural vibration modes of your design and compare them to the frequency generated by the machine or equipment in use.

The frequency study settings are easy and straight forward as always the case with SolidWorks. In the following lines we will go through the process.

We will start by selecting the frequency study type from the create new study menu

Solidworks frequency analysis

Now work as usual, add your contrarians, applied loads, and mesh the model.

Then, we need to set the number of natural modes required (usually the first 5 modes are required). This can be set from the study properties and the frequency options tab. In this case I want the first five modes

Solidworks frequency analysis

Now it is all ready to go, just hit run and check the results.

So, what are the outputs of this study and how can we benefit from these results.

Under the results folder we will find 5 plots representing the 5 modes we requested in the study properties.

The 5 plots show the behaviour of the model in each mode

Solidworks frequency analysis

Solidworks frequency analysis

The amplitude value here is meaningless and only to be use in the comparison across different modes

Then it is time now to see if one of these modes excites in the equipment operating frequencies range. To do so you just need to select the result folder right mouse click and list frequency results

Solidworks frequency analysis

Solidworks frequency analysis


Now based on this result it is easy to make the decision whether or not this design will be fit for purpose.

If you want to know more about this tool please contacts your local Intercad Engineer in your area. We are always happy to answer your question.

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