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A complete BIM residential project

News Central Innovation 23 February 2017

SARCO Architects Costa Rica employs a solid BIM solution for their residential projects from the initial design to construction.
Award-winning Casa Magayon is located in the Península Papagayo Resort, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, with a construction area of 1,290m².


Central & South America Property Award for Casa Magayon

The residence is a tropical interpretation of the classic “Glass House” by Philip Johnson. Basically, the design was structured in a modular way, based on independent cubes with large, floor-to ceiling glazed surfaces, and connected to each other by bridges that form open-air passageways, allowing constant contact with the environment. This strategy was also used as a sustainable element, since it reduces the amount of air conditioning, and allows it to operate in a modular way, consuming energy only in the spaces being used.

Casa Magayon | Design: Roderick Anderson, SARCO Architects Costa Rica | Photo: Andrés García Lachner


Project Description

The project is a luxury residence for vacation and to rent when the owner is not there. The residence minimizes energy consumption compared to many other examples within the resort, without compromising on luxury and finishings.

The award-winning design integrates a palette of green-gray and light gray stucco wall surfaces, with accents of dark gray volcanic stone plaster; large, glazed surfaces with curtain walls with its special green tone structure inspired by the colors of the jungle around it; and accents on exposed steel surfaces, painted in light orange, inspired by the colors of the flowers of some trees native to the area.


Casa Magayon, site plan | Design: Roderick Anderson, SARCO Architects Costa Rica


Casa Magayon modeled in ARCHICAD

Create a fully-interactive design presentation package that runs on mobile devices and can be viewed by all the project stakeholders.

With GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD, GRAPHISOFT BIMx, and its cloud-integrated model sharing service, architects and designers can explore, communicate, and share their project designs like never before.

Casa Magayon, ARCHICAD model | Design: Roderick Anderson, SARCO Architects Costa Rica



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