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Project Optimisation Tip 2: Embedded Library

Tips and Tricks Michael Warr 9 December 2020


Project Optimisation Tip 2: Embedded Library

The Embedded Library is a relic of Archicad which directly affects project size and performance. Once you exceed 100MB of data, Archicad can start to slow down.

For example:

  • You might see slow open/join or send/receive times in Teamwork.
  • You’ll find that any hotlink mods contain the same embedded library and become quite large files (making point 1 even worse!)
  • Project opening times are much longer than they should be.
  • File size becomes an issue

It’s recommended to keep the embedded library as empty as possible. You can create your own LCF files from the embedded library and link them back into projects or use BIMcloud libraries as discussed in an earlier post.

IFC library parts are automatically placed into the embedded library and can cause the problems mentioned above so it’s worthwhile checking this regularly when working with federated models.



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