Archicad BIM Workflow – Virtual

  • Understand the complete BIM workflow using Archicad throughout all design stages!

This training will present the best practices for using Archicad tools to model, document, manage and collaborate on a team project. All training activities are based on simulation of a real project, starting with the project kickoff meeting and the four project stages which follow. All theoretical content will be illustrated with practical examples applied to the training project.
Topics include:
  • The Kick-Off Meeting
  • Pre-Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documentation

  • Learning Objectives
    The goal of this training is to provide a formal workflow to guide users developing a real BIM Project - from using surveyors' data all the way through delivery of project documentation at the construction site, while collaborating with other disciplines along the way.

    GRAPHISOFT Archicad Essential Skills Training. Archicad BIM Modelling and Archicad Documentation are highly recommend as prerequisite to this training.

    Delivery Mode
    Virtual Classroom

    Qualification Issued
    Certificate of Achievement
    An Archicad Professional Certification course

    Who is it for?
    Who is familiar with Archicad Modelling ,documentation and management tools ,and want to learn how to apply them to a real BIM project Workflow ,primarily using Archicad.

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