Archicad Scheduling

  • Learn how to prepare your BIM model for quantity take-off!

Learn how to prepare your BIM model for quantity take-off!

BIM model-based quantity take-off is for accurate determination of surface areas, element volumes, element counts with belonging metadata information incorporated within BIM models can be extracted by following certain rules and guidelines. These lists can be used by cost estimators for construction planning.

Participants are guided through the basic concepts and rules of thumb for preparing the 3D BIM model for quantity take-off. Among other topics they will learn about the following topics through a set of hands-on exercises and useful tips and tricks:

  • surface and volume extraction from structures
  • door and window list
  • zone listing
  • schedule exporting
  • topics with the use of different hands-on exercises and useful tricks and tips

  • Learning Objectives
    By the end of this course participants will understand the importance of accurate modelling alongside the structure and behaviour of Archicad schedules.

    Learn the basics of quantity take-off and quality control methods from Archicad BIM models.

    Note: Advanced property management and use of external applications are not covered in this training.

    There are no prerequisites for this course.

    Delivery Mode
    1 day Virtual Classroom

    Qualification Issued
    Certificate of Achievement
    A Certified Professional level course

    More About This Course
    Participants must have access to a computer with the latest Archicad version installed. Valid commercial, trial or educational licence of Archicad is required.

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