Mold Design Using SOLIDWORKS – Online

For molds, embossing dies, nests and welding/checking fixtures. Learn how to quickly generate tooling for any given part and separate it into core and cavity compoents (or punch and die for Tool and Die applications).

  • Lesson 1: Surface Concepts and Imported Geometry

  • Lesson 2: Core and Cavity

  • Lesson 3: Side Cores and Pins

  • Lesson 4: Advanced Parting Line Options

  • Lesson 5: Creating Custom Surfaces for Mold Design

  • Lesson 6: Advanced Surfacing for Mold Design

  • Lesson 7: Alternative Methods for Mold Design

  • Lesson 8: Reusable Data

  • Lesson 9: Completing the Mold Base

Learning Objectives
On completion of this course you will be able to create mold assemblies derived from your part designs. Automate the production of the mold to save your design time. Incorprate lifters, side cores and core pins in your mold design. Design Electrodes for your molds.

Solidworks Essentials. At least one month using software.

Delivery Mode
Online Self-paced-16 hours 55 minutes

Qualification Issued
Certificate of Achievement

Who is it for?
Valuable for most mechanical designers, especially designers of molds, embossing dies, nests and welding/checking fixtures

Morning /Afternoon tea

Course level

Skills you will acquire
Ability to create a complete Mold. Able to create Library Features. Able to diagnose and repair errors