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ARCHICAD Technical Update – July 2019

Hello again everyone!

Welcome back to the ARCHICAD Newsletter. You are receiving this as part of your Select Agreement – see MyCi (https://myci.centralinnovation.com) for more information about your Select benefits.
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Updated support website

about a minute to read + 5 min video

In April we launched the updated support site for our ARCHICAD Select Customers https://myci.centralinnovation.com

This is the new home for all the ARCHICAD resources you will ever need – Tips, Add-Ons, Libraries, Objects, Videos, Technical Support – you name it!

Click Here for a quick 5-minute introduction to the site.

Existing mycadimage.com users, you’ll still be able to use your existing login details.

For our Australian users new to mycadimage.com and the Cadimage Tools  you can get started here https://myci.centralinnovation.com/People/CreatePassword

Please call our support team or contact your account manager if you have any issues accessing MyCi.


less than a minute to read

The latest Select webinar recordings are now on MyCi (https://myci.centralinnovation.com) under My Select Benefits >  Videos

  • ARCHICAD CineRender
  • IFC out of ARCHICAD, Getting the data right
  • Select Webinar – Library Management


about a minute to read

Back in May, Epic Games announced the acquisition of Twinmotion. It was also announced that Twinmotion would be a free download until November 2019.


Twinmotion FAQ: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/faq?active=twinmotion

If you want to connect your ARCHICAD Model to Twinmotion you’ll need to install the direct link. You can get this from the link below or when you open the Epic Game Launcher.

Mac OS https://tm.unrealengine.com/DirectLink-Archicad_Twinmotion_Ac19-22.pkg 

WIN https://tm.unrealengine.com/DirectLink-Archicad_Twinmotion_Ac19-22_setup.exe

Software Updates

less than a minute to read

In the past few weeks, updates for ARCHICAD, BIMCloud & Cadimage Tools were released.

Help>Check for updates

Cadimage Tools:
Cadimage>myCadimage>Check for updates
Alternatively, you can run the Cadimage Installer and check for updates.

BIMCloud & BIMCloud Basic:
BIMcloud 2019.3 is now available. The unified installer package is accessible on https://www.graphisoft.com/downloads/bimcloud/ 
List of improvements https://www.graphisoft.com/downloads/bimcloud/ImprovementsList.html 


Please check with your IT / BIM Managers before installing any updates on your computers.

Tip of the Month

less than a minute to read

This Month’s tip for our ARCHICAD Select Customers will cover how to install Twinmotion & the Direct Link Add on

You can access this months tip and others on MyCi (https://myci.centralinnovation.com) under My Select Benefits > Tips

Tip of the Day

about a minute to read


Have you ever hidden a layer and wished there was an undo button??

The Quick Layers pallet is what you’ve been looking for!

You can activate this pallet by clicking in the menu bar: Window > Pallets > Quick Layers

This pallet allows you to switch the visible layers with the hidden, switch the locked layers with the unlocked, hide the layers of elements you’ve selected or hide all the layers except for those which contain the elements you’ve selected. Using this tool you can isolate one layer in a view!

Lastly, the arrows on the right-hand side allow you to undo and redo layer changes made when using this pallet. 

Remember more tip of the days can be found here: https://centralinnovation.com/technical-resources/tag/aec-tip-of-the-day/

Developers Corner

less than a minute to read

Have your say on the next object to be developed for the Essential Library (for select customers only).

For those with a Select Agreement, you can download Essential Library from MyCi (https://myci.centralinnovation.com) under My Select Benefits >  ARCHICAD Resources

https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/G7K2S9F (less than a minute to complete)

Archicad newsletter – june 2019 Archicad newsletter – june 2019 Archicad newsletter – june 2019

Finally, the team are working on a number of things. We would love to share this with you now, but we can’t just yet. Here’s an image to give you an idea.

Archicad newsletter – july 2019

That’s all from us this month – thanks for reading, and if you ever need any ARCHICAD Technical support, remember you can contact us on support-aec-australia@centralinnovation.com (Australia) or nz.support@centralinnovation.com (NZ).

For critical issues (ie. Licensing / ARCHICAD is not Starting) call our helpline on 1300 873 246 (Australia) or 0508 223 226 (NZ)

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