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Welcome to In The Drawing Room.

In The Drawing Room is a monthly publication produced by Central Innovation providing a forum for readers to discover news, stories, industry insights and opinions, events, and tips on the design technologies and solutions that are shaping the manufacturing and construction industries.


AI Applications Within Cad Come Under the Spotlight at Solidworks World 2018

With AI’s ability to empower engineers & designers to solve problems intelligently, the unveiling of Al Denoiser demonstrated how this new tool in SOLIDWORKS Visualise was able to eliminate noise during the rendering process.


Avoiding the Most Common BIM Mistakes

Turns out there’s much more to effectively implementing BIM than having open system software and making a decision on whether to have a BIM Execution Plan or not.


GRAPHISOFT Original Series: By Design Season 1, Episode 3: Pacific Rising

In this series we learn how a West Coast boom is being fueled by big tech and even bigger dreams.


How Europe’s New General Data Protection Regulation May Impact Your Business

European GDPR comes into effect from 25th May to protect personal data, and provide guidelines on how data is stored, collected and used. Your business might not have a physical business presence in Europe but regulations could still apply.


Long-Time Archicad User Wins 2018 Pritzker Prize

The Pritzer Prize is considered one of Architecture’s most revered awards. This year’s recipient is highly regarded for his contribution to Indian architecture bridging quality of living with a deep respect for eastern tradition and culture.


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