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Dear Customers,

In order to keep the stability and flexibility of our protection keys on future operating systems they need to be reconfigured as HID (Human Interface Devices) rather than KEXT (Kernel Extension). This conversion is done automatically through the new Licence Manager Tool provided by GRAPHISOFT.

The latest GRAPHISOFT Licence Manager Tool can be downloaded from here. Otherwise, upon launching the tool an update window will appear prompting you to downloaded the latest software.

It’s recommended all users planning to upgrade to High Sierra run the Licence Manager Tool prior to upgrading their operating systems. Secondly, if you are working with a Software Key the above does not apply, however please remember to upload the Software Key to the cloud before making any changes to your computers operating system.

For more information regarding the conversion please visit the GRAPHISOFT Help Centre article CodeMeter Key conversion from KEXT to HID Frequently Asked Questions.

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