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Take advantage of our End of Year Sale on the All New IC3D Series 1.6 range

At Central Innovation, maker of IC3D workstations, we believe every design professional should have the fastest workstation so you are creating as efficiently and productively as possible.

Whether you are working on small residential projects or large hospitals we have a solution to suit your software, workflow and budget. At Central Innovation we listen to what our customers say, and although they absolutely love our world’s fastest overclocked workstations some customers just don’t have the need for the absolute fastest workstations for all of their staff as they may not be working on software that demands the fastest.

With this in mind, and that some IT budgets just can’t stretch to accommodate our overclocked workstations, Central Innovation are proud to announce the release of our all new Ultra Small Form Factor Series 1.6.

The Series 1.6 is still no slouch when it comes to performance, as we still use fast 6 core processors with speeds up to 4.3GHz, lighting fast PCIe NVMe SSD’s as standard and low latency 2,666MHz memory. The Series 1.6 is the perfect solution for those that are working on smaller projects or extremely tight budgets with configurations starting @ $1,795+GST

A workstation with a faster CPU not only helps you save time but enables you to maintain your creative thought process, by reducing wait times for design updates. Our CAD workstations are the world’s fastest, quietest, stylish, professional workstations on the market for all CAD applications. With record breaking speeds of up to 5.1GHz with our Series 3.6 Limited Edition across 6 cores, or 18 cores @ 4.1GHz with the Series 5.5.

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