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MyCadimage is now MyCI

Hi Everyone!

We’ll keep this short ’cause we know you’re busy – this email is just to let you know that MyCadimage is now MyCI.

You can still access the site the same way you used to, and it still has all the stuff on it that it used to, it just has a new name now, and looks a little different.

That’s about all you need to know – keep reading for a bit more info, or just jump right in now.

You don’t need to do anything to be able to use the new site – your existing login details are carried across, so you can just login with the details you used to use on MyCadimage.

If you have bookmarks/favourites for MyCadimage, now might be a good time to update those to the new address – MyCI.centralinnovation.com

We hope you enjoy the new name and design – thanks for reading!

If you have any trouble with the new version of the site, or you have any questions or comments, contact our support team at nz.support@centralinnovation.com

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