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Solibri Model Checker v9.9 Release Notes

This release focuses on introducing two new rules, existing rules improvements and bug fixes. Additionally, the smc file backup feature is improved. This version allows the new BCF Connector extension to collaborate with multiple CDE providers for issue management.

Features – Brand New Rules!

  • Parking Rule:
    This rule checks the size of the parking spaces. The checking can be limited to check only parking spaces with specific orientation to the parking aisle or parking spaces with specific obstructions nearby.
  • Accessible Route Rule:
    This rule checks the accessible routes. The checking requires the accessible route to be modeled as a component. The rule can check the clear width of a route and the obstructions with components such as doors, stairs and ramps within the route. The rule also checks the connections from the accessible route to the accessible spaces and accessible elevators.
  • BCF Connector:
    We have been collaborating with multiple CDE providers to create a more fluent workflow when it comes to issue management. The new BCF-API will be included in the next version of our BCF Connector, which will include four new providers (Aconex, bimsync, BIM Track & Trimble Connect) as well as enable future collaborations with other providers that follow the buildingSMART standards for BCF-API.

 Several Improvements to Existing Rules

  • Accessible Door Rule
  •  Accessible Stair Rule
  • Component Distance Rule
  • Free Area in Front of Components Rule
  • Comparison Between Property Values Rule
  • Horizontal Structures must be Guarded against Falling Rule
  • Visualization of enabled/disabled state of rule folders and rulesets
  • Double doors with asymmetric panels show correctly in footprint visualization
  • Beam length Calculation
  • Solibri Model Checker can be installed to a different directory than the Application Folder in macOS

BCF Connector

The BCF Connector Extension for Solibri Model Checker provides an integration for issue management between Solibri Model Checker and third party providers. This version of BCF Connector comes with a support for the BCF-API standard. You can now easily import, export and synchronize your issues by connecting to a service supporting BCF-API.


  • Four new providers are now able to communicate directly with Solibri Model Checker.
    • Aconex
    • BIMSync
    • BIM Track
    • Trimble Connect
  • BIMcollab Library is updated to enable more robust communication with BIMcollab WebService. This Library also allows users to resize snapshot images and create thumbnails from already created snapshot images

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