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Learn how using SOLIDWORKS Composer can repurpose your existing 3D CAD and reduce your product’s  time to market

SOLIDWORKS Composer is a standalone tool to create and publish high quality content in a variety of file types without requiring CAD design skills. Create high quality images, animations and interactive 3D content without relying on your engineering design team or 3rd party design software. Get your product to market quicker, demonstrate better and explain it easier.

SOLIDWORKS® Composer™ is a single tool to use existing CAD model to:

  • Get product manuals, assembly instructions, marketing collateral and more, ready in a breeze even by non-engineers
  • Update design changes in collateral without rework and in one click
  • Eliminate dependency, delays and rework
  • Cut costs and increase throughput time

This webinar will demonstrate how the tool can be specifically used to:

  • Create step by step exploded 3D views of assemblies
  • Add special effects and illustrations like path-lines, arrows, BOM tables and also edit their properties
  • Special feature tools like the “Digger”
  • Output file types for 2D content in vector and JPEG
  • Creation of interactive content and animation
  • Publishing interactive output files for 3D content like 3D PDF and HTML
  • Incorporating design change in already created content without any rework

Join us in this webinar, and learn more about this fascinating tool that not only simplifies and streamlines your technical communication but also redefines the quality standards of your content.


Date: 24 April 2018

12:00 pm Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane/Canberra
11:30 am Adelaide
10:00 am Perth
2:00 pm NZ

Duration: 40 minutes

Contact: jayesh.halgekar@centralinnovation.com

About the presenter: Mr. Jayesh Halgekar, Multiproduct Specialist for SOLIDWORKS Communication Suite of products at Central Innovation will be joined by Dr. Esfandyar Kouhi, Multi-product Team Leader at Central Innovation, with over 20 years of experience in Engineering and expert in SOLIDWORKS Simulation products.

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