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  Ci in the Press

Ci in the Press

Stay Ahead of the Pack by Embracing Technological Innovation

While most companies may see new technologies as a source of major expense and their old technology as an investment rather than a sunk-cost, the truth is that the new technology will likely eliminate costs while serving to achieve higher efficiencies.


  Ci in the Press

Ci in the Press

Why Agile Has Become More Prominent Within Projects in the Manufacturing Industry

The Manufacturing sector is one of the top 10 industries that have adopted the agile methodology. The agile approach focuses on meeting the needs of customers early, whilst still maintaining high standards of quality and controlling the overall time and costs involved.


  Ci in the Press

Ci in the Press

BIM and Digital Disruption

BIM integrates all aspects of a project like never before but to get the full benefit of the technology, owners, designers and contractors need to incorporate it right from the design stage. BIM is also a driver in lean construction.


DataSuite takes Kelly Engineering to next stage of its evolution

This small family company from SA has now grown into a global concern. Today some 50 to 60 per cent of Kelly’s customer base is in the US and Canada. The latest step of this ongoing journey is Kelly’s implementation of Central Innovation’s DataSuite data transformation solution, which facilitates the seamless transfer of data across multiple platforms by providing a common language between systems.


GRAPHISOFT Original Series: By Design Season 2, Episode 1: The Next Frontier

Watch the video and learn more about how Architecture is filled with promising technology. These firms are already making it a reality.


Tips and tricks

Great takeaways to empower your CAD use: SOLIDWORKS, SOLIBRI ARCHICAD and more.
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