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Architecture, Engineering and Construction CAD Training and Specialist Recruitment Network

How to find, train and keep the right people

Businesses continue to consolidate: the big firms are getting bigger. To stand out and succeed in the architecture, engineering and construction industries, you need a point of difference: disciplined, creative, efficient and inspiring.

As digital natives enter the workforce – bringing with them vision, but not hands-on experience – a clear career progression is vital.

And as clients become ever-more demanding, you need real-time coordination across the various and complex tools and platforms you use.

To deal with these challenges, you need the latest software and hardware, the greatest people – and training to make sure your team are fully capable of getting the most out of the tools available.

You need Central Innovation.

For over 25 years, we have been providing people solutions to the architecture, engineering and construction industries.

We have grown with you, as technology continued to have an ever-greater impact on the way you work.

Today, we can help connect you to experts to find the right people, then help you train them up in a wide choice of skills, and help you keep them.

Of course, we offer training in specialist engineering and architectural software, including ARCHICAD and SOLIBRI, engineering drafting, and project management. After all, we are Australia and New Zealand’s leading provider of these industry-standard tools.

More than that: we can connect you with the Recruiters in the Central Innovation Recruitment Network, a network of highly experienced recruitment professionals to source, evaluate and recruit the right candidates you need – or help you take your career to the next level.

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