Ci Stairs

  • Design stairs with flexibility and freedom, straight onto your model.

    With Ci Stairs, you have access to a range of individual components that allow for highly flexible stair configurations for both residential and commercial designs.

    Railings can be associated with stairs, slabs or even stand-alone, so that stairs can easily wind at varied widths and heights and open on to landings. Stair assemblies can be edited, labelled and output as if they were a single object.

    “The Ci Stair is intuitive and accurate, but most importantly, highly flexible – I can design any stair and railing quickly and efficiently.”

    – website feedback

  • Design, draw and edit stairs within your floor plan.

    Stair Options

    • Enter the Overall Height for the Stair Assembly then stretch and place Flights, Winders and/or Landings
    • Riser height is automatically adjusted across the entire assembly
    • Dynamically adjust individual components for tapers, curves and spirals
    • Split Stair Function allows you to edit stairs – break a long run flight of stairs to add a landing


    Rail Options

    • Attach Railings to stairs
    • Create stand-alone Railings
    • Railings attached to Stairs can be updated when the base element changes
    • Highly configurable range of options
    • Configure balusters / guard rails independently to hand rails
  • Premium package

    Access to 12 Tools*, including Annotate, Cabinets, Coverings, Doors+Windows, Electrical, Keynotes, Metadata, Objective, Quantities, Shortcut, Stairs, and Transformer

    Exclusive free Archicad objects and resources

    Priority support: we use an online support ticket system to manage your enquiries, and aim to respond to you within 2 business days – if not before.

    Month-by-month plan AUD $80 /month (more currencies available)

    or Annual billing AUD $800 /year


    Professional package

    Access to 7 Tools*, including Cabinets, Coverings, Doors+Windows, Electrical, Keynotes, Objective, and Stairs

    Month-by-month plan AUD $59 /month (more currencies available)

    or Annual billing AUD $590 /year


    Basic package

    Access to 2 Tools*

    Month-by-month plan AUD $35 /month (more currencies available)

    or Annual billing AUD $350 /year


    Note: The Basic Plan allows for only one combination of two tools, no matter how many subscriptions you buy. For example, if you have 3 seats of Archicad you would need to buy 3 Basic Plans which would give each seat access to the same two tools.

    You will be asked to choose which two tools you want included in your plan as you proceed through the checkout process.

    To change the tools in your plan please make an enquiry.

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