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Get the most out of your design tech.

The decision to buy the best software for design success is only the first step. Let us help you make the most out of the software and platforms. With our experienced team of consultants, we can help you with implementing the solution to meet your needs.

Using our years of experience helping customers with their Data Management & Collaboration, Engineering design & validation, and Design & Process Automation needs, we now have custom consulting services to help you.


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Data Management and Collaboration

Description Duration
PDM Standard Implementation Installation of a PDM (Product Data Management) server with out-of-the-box workflow functionality and comprehensive administration training. 🕙2 days
PDM Professional Implementation Advanced implementation of a PDM server, including customizable workflows tailored to specific business needs. Alongside the installation, the package includes in-depth administration training to empower the technical staff in effectively managing and optimizing the PDM system. 🕙3-5 days
PDM Workflow Analysis and Customisation Analysis and customisation of an existing workflow. This will be a scoped consulting delivery that includes administration training to empower the technical staff in effectively managing and optimizing the PDM system. 🕙2 days
PDM ISO9001 Compatibility Configuration Ensure compliance with the ISO9001 standard by evaluating the engineering workflows within the organization. The consultants will analyze the existing PDM system and implement necessary configurations to align with the ISO9001 requirements, enabling seamless integration of quality management practices. 🕙2 days
PDM Cloud Care Plan
With Existing host (OR) Without existing host
Focuses on migrating, upgrading and maintaining existing PDM configurations on cloud platforms. 🕙3-5 days
3Dx Quick Start Platforms basics & Onboarding training for administrator and users to help you get started. Includes platform configuration with Admins​, user onboarding and hands-on exercises.
🕙3 days


Engineering Design and Validation


Description Duration
Simulation and Validation Services Offers Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis of CAD models.
Analysis and comprehensive report to assist in validating and optimizing the design.
🕙3 days
Simulia Pilot Covers onboarding and handholding users to effectively use cloud-based simulation products for applications.
Users will be introduced to the platform, learning modules and a pilot project.
🕙1 day


Design and Process Automation


Description Duration
Driveworks Fast Track Fast-track implementation of the Driveworks server components, along with comprehensive user training for administration purposes.
Includes a preliminary kickoff for the pilot.
🕙5 days
Driveworks Customisation Customisation of an existing Driveworks setup to incorporate evolved business needs. Scoped consulting delivery which includes training to empower the technical staff in effectively administering Driveworks. 🕙3 days
Driveworks POC
(Proof of Concept)
Primary implementation of a proof of concept (POC) for Driveworks.
4 days of consultation spread over 30 days.
Includes Driveworks trial licenses for evaluation and testing.
🕙4 days


Building Information Modelling (BIM)


Description Duration
BIMCloud Install and Setup Involves walking your team through the process for installing BIMcloud, GRAPHISOFT’s premium teamwork management software for Archicad (for large practices with multiple staff working on the same project using the same file), and BIMcloud SaaS (for practices without an IT person or practices who would like a managed solution which enables scale, flexibility, stability and work from home options). 🕙Dependent on scope
GDL Object Creation Solves the challenge in finding product-specific objects without reducing file performance and display issues. Our team will work with you, your manufacturer/product owner to create additional objects (not available in the Ci Archicad Select Library) like furniture, labels, calculation tables, and more to bring your designs to life. 🕙Dependent on scope


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