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#TASK v2.0 support services

To be your best, you need the best. The best software, the best tools, the best support.

For over 25 years, Central Innovation has helped manufacturing, design and technology professionals deliver world-class solutions. Quickly, easily. And with a level of support only Central Innovation, as Australia and New Zealand’s

#TASK is not just another job-scheduler. Imagine having your own personal SOLIDWORKSTM assistant! #TASK provide hundreds of productivity tools and will make you work faster and more accurately whether you are a SOLIDWORKSTM expert or a novice.

You can eliminate failed, overnight jobs. You won’t have to come into work only to find an overnight-job has fallen-over because of a minor issue. You can now process hundreds or even thousands of files in a single job, each job can have many tasks – and it’s all automated.

For support please email: sharp.task@centralinnovation.com