Solibri Model Checker is a BIM quality assurance software solution that analyses Building Information Models and architectural and engineering designs for integrity, quality and physical safety. In addition, Solibri Model Checker includes functionality for information take-out, analysing and extracting the information available in BIM models.

    Solibri Model Checker targets zero design errors, producing cost savings in construction projects, and in more effective modeling and quality assurance. With a single mouse click, the system analyses the building information model and reveals potential flaws and weaknesses in the design, highlights the clashing components and checks that the model complies with BIM requirements and organisation’s best practices.

    Check out the features and learn more about the interoperability between Solibri Model Checker and Archicad.

    “The use of Solibri has provided us with a great platform to improve collaboration and coordination with building services and structural engineers.”

    – Phillip Kempster, Senior Architectural Technician, Chow:Hill



  • Model checking – not only clash detection

    Move beyond mere clash detection and elevate your BIM quality to new heights. Solibri surpasses other tools in the market by providing an extensive array of rules and rulesets. From accessibility and clearance to revision and checking information between related components, Solibri offers a comprehensive set of rules to enhance your BIM processes.

    Customised to suit your role

    Solibri recognises your role and provides a tailored set of rules and classifications to align with your requirements. Moreover, harness the flexibility of the Solibri API to create rules that specifically cater to your company, project, or local and national needs.

    Increase data value with classifications

    Leverage grouping, or classifications, to conduct targeted checks or enhance data export efficiency, benefiting both you and the project.

    Get accurate information for calculations and data mining

    Information takeoff simplifies the extraction of quantities based on various criteria, making the process more efficient. Easily share this information using your personalised Excel templates.

    Freedom to share

    Facilitate smooth and dependable collaboration by sharing project information using Solibri’s BCF Live Connector.

    Automate your checking process

    Automate tasks, including running checks, exporting identified issues as BCF files, and creating presentations, using Solibri Autorun. Schedule these processes to run efficiently, such as overnight.

    Key benefits

    Key benefits of Solibri features

  • Simplify the application of quality control to your BIM processes and facilitate collaboration among project stakeholders.

    • Early error detection is streamlined by checking both geometry and data against requirements.
    • Coordination and communication of identified issues with designers, contractors, manufacturers, and owners ensure project efficiency.
    • With mapping, visualisation, and customisable QA/QC processes, maintain consistency and provide validated data across your projects effortlessly.


    Solibri’s advanced model checking combines pre-defined and customisable rules, providing unparalleled flexibility. Whether it’s common checks like basic clash detection or specific assessments against BIM requirements, national regulations, and building codes, Solibri offers versatile tools. Working with rulesets unlocks countless possibilities, streamlining and automating design coordination and checking. This ensures accurate information is available on-site, leading to smoother projects, significant time and cost savings, and enduring quality models that support building management beyond the construction phase.

    How can you ensure your exceptional design is constructed with confidence and efficiency? The key lies in model checking.

    • By thoroughly reviewing and correcting your designs at various project stages, you guarantee the high quality of both geometry and data in your model.
    • Quality-assured models, aligning with regulations and BIM requirements, not only save time and costs but also contribute to early issue detection.
    • Consistent, validated models not only allow you to take pride in your work but also establish your reputation as a provider of high-quality designs.


    It extends beyond the basics. It’s about ensuring the excellence of your designs in terms of compatibility, functionality, accessibility, and both visual and spatial aspects. Solibri facilitates easy design checks across various disciplines, consolidating models for seamless coordination and clash checking. Compare model iterations effortlessly, communicate issues efficiently with fellow designers, and leverage the benefits of IFC, OpenBIM, and seamless integration with common data environments. Additionally, your BIM manager will find project coordination a breeze, resulting in a faster, smoother, and more cost-effective transformation of your design into a tangible building.