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    Note: The Basic Plan allows for only one combination of two tools, no matter how many subscriptions you buy. For example, if you have 3 seats of Archicad you would need to buy 3 Basic Plans which would give each seat access to the same two tools.

    You will be asked to choose which two tools you want included in your plan as you proceed through the checkout process.

    To change the tools in your plan please make an enquiry.

  • Design custom cabinetry with ease and accuracy.

    • Mix and match from a generous palette of editable panel styles and handle types to create that unique look
    • Modify the way that cabinets are displayed depending on the view you are in
    • Dashed-line display of hidden elements
    • Easily set detail levels
    • Create cabinetry that is otherwise not possible in ARCHICAD, such as Face-Frame construction cabinets, and single units with multiple types such as doors and drawers.
  • Add realism to your ARCHICAD model by applying 3D modelled skins to walls, slabs, columns and roofs in both 2D and 3D views.

    This tool will add depth and detail to the surfaces of your ARCHICAD projects. The surfaces are represented in your 2D, 3D, section and elevation views and they even retain their correct proportions when object sizes are changed.

    The surfaces created maintain an automatic relationship to the primary elements, and whenever it is updated or changed, the attached 3D modelled objects update correspondingly.

    Apply a range of scalable claddings in 2D or 3D views.  Add Coverings to Walls and Slabs.

    Coverings for Walls:

    • Add bricks, boards, logs and panels to your walls
    • Apply sills and trims around openings

    Coverings for Foundations:

    • Add footings to your slabs
    • Apply multiple footing profiles around a single slab

    Coverings for Slabs:

    • Create timber decks
    • Apply Single T and Double T pre-cast slab components and more

    Coverings for Columns:

    • Add footings, fluting and / or wrapping to your columns and have them update with the column


    Coverings for Roofs

    The Cadimage Roof Coverings Tool has a choice of seven cladding types that can be applied to Roof surfaces. These cladding types are fully parametric and can be adjusted to meet your individual preferences.

    Covering Types

    • Flat
    • Corrugate
    • Ribbed
    • Shingle
    • Tiles
    • Spanish Tiles

    Plus the Coverings Tool allows you to apply gutters, downpipes, flashings and soffits to your roof.


    “If you don’t use the roof covering, you’re crazy. The fact that it will quickly model your roof sheeting, flashing, soffits and gutters virtually instantly is fantastic.”

    – D Craig

  • Ci Objective has been designed to greatly increase your ability to model in 3D in ARCHICAD, in a way which feels like a natural part of the environment.

    The Objective tool now combines the functionality of the Ci Extrusions and Slab Edges tools. This makes it an incredibly powerful tool that gives you everything you need to bend, split, rotate, align and modify elements in your ARCHICAD Model.

    Manipulate, edit and form your own objects in 3D.

    Objective allows you to:

    • Quickly and easily Rotate objects in 3D without any programming
    • Split 2D and 3D Elements while still preserving the elements’ underlying options and parameters
    • Create Profiles to retain complete control over the shape at every segment. The profiles can also be easily updated after creation
    • Align elements in section, elevation, or 3D
    • Automatically set the Display Order of an element on the elevation
    • Bend objects and profiles to follow a 3D curve



    Using this tool, you’ll be able to easily extrude profile sections along a given path in free space. Create custom building components, shape and trim scotias, furniture moldings and more.

    A collection of preset profiles are provided which include a range of common steel sections. Plus, you can also quickly create additional custom profiles to suit your own needs.


    Slab Edges

    With this tool your slabs can have rebates, upstands, and foundations.

    Use them to create great-looking, accurately detailed edge shapes for cabinet counters without having to use custom-built objects.

    Easy to use – just click on the edge of your slab to place. Don’t want the edge anymore? Select the edge and delete it, and your slab is back to the way it was.


    “Thanks for the Ci Tools. The improvements they make to ARCHICAD is staggering.”

    – D Ratcliffe

  • Design stairs with flexibility and freedom, straight onto your model.

    With Ci Stairs, you have access to a range of individual components that allow for highly flexible stair configurations for both residential and commercial designs.

    Railings can be associated with stairs, slabs or even stand-alone, so that stairs can easily wind at varied widths and heights and open on to landings. Stair assemblies can be edited, labelled and output as if they were a single object.

    Design, draw and edit stairs within your floor plan.

    Stair Options

    • Enter the Overall Height for the Stair Assembly then stretch and place Flights, Winders and/or Landings
    • Riser height is automatically adjusted across the entire assembly
    • Dynamically adjust individual components for tapers, curves and spirals
    • Split Stair Function allows you to edit stairs – break a long run flight of stairs to add a landing

    Rail Options

    • Attach Railings to stairs
    • Create stand-alone Railings
    • Railings attached to Stairs can be updated when the base element changes
    • Highly configurable range of options
    • Configure balusters / guard rails independently to hand rails


    “The Ci Stair is intuitive and accurate, but most importantly, highly flexible – I can design any stair and railing quickly and efficiently.”

    – website feedback

  • End the tedium and potential errors of annotating your ARCHICAD drawings by using Ci Keynotes.

    Keynotes allows you to annotate your drawings quickly and simply with greater accuracy by providing a framework to create a database of notes (or to transfer an existing database) so that notes automatically attach to elements based on their attributes.

    You can place a full note without any reference directly on a drawing, or place a reference key on the drawing and then Keynotes compiles a schedule of these notes.

    End the tedium and eliminate errors.

    • Display notes in different formats (ie, any combination of ‘Key’, ‘Short Description’, ‘Long Description’, ‘Specification Reference’)
    • Find and replace notes
    • Place notes directly onto view as independent labels
    • Attach notes to model attributes (materials, wall composites, etc), and create labels in all views that include these attributes
    • Import notes from tab- or comma-separated text files
    • Edit notes within ARCHICAD
    • Add note schedules to layouts
    • Create a single schedule of all notes used in the project.


    Customise your Notes Schedule

    • Globally change the look of your Keynote labels by updating the default settings
    • Change the look of a single Keynote label by selecting it individually
    • Easily turn on / off various parts of the Keynote Label


    “I have just installed Keynotes for AC18 and felt compelled to let you know that your team have done a fantastic job, I am loving the new workflow.”

    – J Ottaway

  • Finally – a simple solution to Electrical Layouts. Place electrical symbols with a single click, plus create linked circuits, schedules and more.

    With the Ci Electrical tool, placing electrical symbols is not only simple, but smart too. Just set the elevation you want when you place them, and the symbols will automatically rotate and position themselves to your walls when you click to place them.

    The Electrical tool comes with a library of Power PointsSwitchesJacks, and other Wall Plates, which can all be shown as either the Wall Plate itself, or the individual components that Wall Plate contains.

    Intuitive, smart electrical symbols and schedules.

    Making Circuits

    Making circuits is simple too – just select all the elements you want to wire up, and then with the click of one button, the Electrical Tool automatically draws in the wiring for you. When you move elements that have wiring attached, the wiring will follow along, so there’s no need to clean up your wiring as you change your Electrical Layout.


    Create Electrical Schedules

    You don’t have to learn a new technique in order to create your Electrical Schedules – simply use ARCHICAD’s built-in Scheduler. It will automatically display all the relevant electrical items only once, along with its description and manufacturer details.

    All items in your Electrical Schedule are listed separately by library part name and ID. You can also add descriptions and codes, set placement heights, and add other useful information to each item.

    Included with this Tool are a set of Templates for Electrical Schedules that you can import and modify to suit you.

    From here you can also create an Electrical Legend.


    “Once installed and loaded, [it] makes life pretty simple… Just select all the elements you want to wire up, and then with the click of one button, Cadimage Electrical automatically draws in the wiring for you.”

    – BIM Engineering Solutions Blog

  • Why limit your design freedom by having to choose from a predetermined list of doors and windows?

    The Ci Doors+Windows Tool gives you the freedom to explore a greater variety of door and window styles with a variety of panels, opening methods, trims and sills.

    Add personality to your designs without restrictions on style, complexity or construction. What’s more, door and window objects made using this tool can be shared across projects, using the powerful Ci Presets system.

    Finally create the doors and windows the way YOU want!

    Structural Options

    Structure and Sizes

    Easily create complex window and door layouts within seconds.

    Choose from a wide variety of window contour shapes, and modify the shape without having to redesign the whole window.

    Sashes and Door Leafs

    Pick from a wide variety of sash glazing methods or door leafs, and define sizes according your unique ideas and requirements.


    Style and Documentation

    Trims and Sills
    Harmonize sills with the window and the building style
    Add mouldings and trims matching your window or door design.

    Automatically produce fully dimensioned graphical schedules of Doors+Windows using a range of powerful filters and criteria
    Add notes and automatically calculated areas to your door and window schedule.


    “The door and window has every possible type of door or window inside of this object. The scheduling with automatic dimensions and notes makes the door and window builder a very productive and useful addition to our library.”

    – John C

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