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Happy new year 2019! The Drawing Room is a monthly publication produced by Central Innovation providing a forum for readers to discover news, stories, industry insights and opinions, events and tips on the design technologies and solutions that are shaping the manufacturing and construction industries.


DataSuite solution takes Kelly Engineering to next stage of its evolution

Kelly Engineering has increased 25%-40% in data processing speeds by adopting DataSuite as a solution to automate its manual processing operations. Central Innovation created a tailored solution using DataSuite for the…

Ci in the Press

How BIM Is Changing the Face of Architecture

By Industry Update: As manufacturing industry transitions to a new world of assistive robotics, increased automation and ICT-enabled innovation, the Federal Government appears determined to position Australia at the forefront of change. The Prime Minister’s announcement this time last year that…


Science and Technology, the Next Wave of Water Treatment

PWNT currently uses a combination of ion exchange filters (think large scale versions of your Brita water filter jugs) and ceramic membrane technology to achieve a more efficient and economically viable method of producing water. The plan is to extend that…



Aussie entrepreneur unveils first Australian electric motorcycle range

Dennis, the Aussie entrepreneur, set himself the task of designing and producing Australia’s first range of electric motorcycles, which would boast advanced features and functionality including instantaneous torque, rapid acceleration and vastly reduced environmental impact.


Discover how Ctrl Space benefits from their switch to #ARCHICAD

New Zealand-based cross-disciplinary design studio, Ctrl Space, recently switched to ARCHICAD, thanks to their clients’ expectations of 3D visualizations.


Graphisoft Original Series: By Design Season 2, Episode 3: Firm Choices

Watch the video and learn more about how the business of architecture has never been in a more precarious state. Lower fees, shrinking budgets, higher costs and rising client demands have created a dangerous financial precipice for firms large and small.



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