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Ci in the Press

The Rise and Rise of Engineering 4.0

By: AuManufacturing. Engineering 4.0, characterised by automation and the internet of things (IoT), is propelling digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. The intersect of mechanical and electrical design engineering, alongside simulation and data management, has seen conventional document-centric design and production…


Life Box Project converts shipping container to home and raises money for cancer charity

As the leading edge CAD platform for AEC sector applications, ARCHICAD plays a key role in the conceptualisation and execution of a wide variety of projects. In this innovative example from one of our clients, the software was deployed to help turn a shipping container into a home – raising NZ$37,000 for a cancer charity in the process...

Ci in the Press

Key Attributes Businesses Should Look For in a Technology Partner

In this digital world, with new game-changing technologies transforming the market almost every single day, it has become critical for businesses to select and implement the best technology practices to drive profitability and growth. Given the significance of investment in technology…


Plastic Waste Reduction Strategies on the Rise as Government and Industry Step up Action

Plastic waste is on the government and industry’s radar like never before. International awareness of the fact that it has reached staggering proportions is generating unprecedented action, with innovative strategies being put in place to not only ensure its reduction, but…


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