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In The Drawing Room is a monthly publication produced by Central Innovation providing a forum for readers to discover news, stories, industry insights and opinions, events, and tips on the design technologies and solutions that are shaping the manufacturing and construction industries.


Tackling the Challenge of Efficient Data Transfer

A key challenge for today’s design and manufacturing businesses is the efficient management of data transfer between multiple systems. Typically these businesses have sought to identify the best, most cost-effective software tools for the tasks at hand, but as operational requirements…


CES 2018 Showcases Myriad of Mind-Boggling Tech

The latest iteration of the world’s biggest technology show, CES 2018, was held recently at Las Vegas Convention Center, with the array of mind-boggling tech innovations on display underscoring some emerging trends which are likely to continue to evolve and impact…


Graphisoft Original Series: By Design Season 1, Episode 2: The New Urbanism

Season 1, episode 2, the new urbanism is available now. Learn more on how architects are working to solve the urban housing crisis. And the lesson it holds for cities worldwide.      


Central Innovation Academy: Filling a Gap in the Training Marketplace

Investment in developing the skillsets of our next generation of engineers and designers is imperative in ensuring the ongoing expertise of our workforce and the international competitiveness of our AEC and Manufacturing sectors. This recognition was the impetus for the creation…


Greater Representation of Women in Engineering Organisations Can Enhance Overall Performance

The announcement last month naming quantum physicist Dr Michelle Simmons as 2018’s Australian of the Year has refocused attention on the various initiatives aimed at encouraging more women into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) career paths. For a personal take…


‘High Performance’: The Ultimate BIM Feature

In this special feature, Architosh takes a look at the nature of ‘performance’ both in the architecture firm and its value in the BIM transformation from 2D CAD to BIM workflows. What is the firm performance trade-off due to BIM? How…






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