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A specialist recruitment network

Want the edge in finding talent for your design team? Our Recruitment Network can help you.

At the heart of your business is people. As the saying goes, ‘your biggest asset walks out the door every day’.

Finding, keeping and empowering the right people is vital for any business to succeed. But especially so, when those people need specialist skills such as 3D CAD experience.

First, when looking for new people to join the team, you want to make sure you’re looking at the widest group of candidates.

You also want to make sure you’re not wasting your time: are the candidates pre-assessed effectively, so you’re only seeing the best of the best?

How do effectively evaluate candidates so you know their CV is correct and get the most from an interview?

Central Innovation help you find the edge in finding talent for your design team by connecting you with Recruiters in the Central Innovation Recruitment Network, our network of high quality, experienced and values driven recruiters specialising in CAD recruitment for Australia and New Zealand.

When you work with our Recruitment Network, you are working with Recruiters who have access to Central Innovation’s extensive database of skilled, experienced design professionals, and can feel confidence from their assessment of the technical skills of candidates before submission. You can benefit from their help with CV evaluations or assistance with interviewing.

Recruiters in the Central Innovation Recruitment Network work closely with Central Innovation and our affiliate organisations to ensure that candidates are site-ready and have the appropriate training and qualifications.

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