• ParetoWorks an Add-In to SOLIDWORKS, for design analysis and topology optimisation.

    ParetoWorks is a high-performance finite element analysis and topology optimisation add-in for SOLIDWORKS.

    Using ParetoWorks, engineers can at the concept stage of a design, reduce the material being used enabling lighter products with the same structural integrity, reducing the cost of the product leading to higher profitability. As ParetoWorks is embedded within SOLIDWORKS, its ease of use and logically driven interface means that engineers can learn and get meaningful results quickly. This in turn facilitates improvement to product performance and drastically reduces the time to market.

    “Engineers like to optimise, and topology optimisation is the latest arsenal in their toolbox..”

  • Features included in ParetoWorks:

    • Set up structural design problems with ease
    • Solve such problems rapidly using built-in FEA (SOLIDWORKS Simulation is not required)
    • Optimise the design based on multiple (easy to define) constraints, including performance and manufacturing constraints
    • Pick and choose from a range of Pareto-optimal designs
    • Generates STL fi les, which can be readily used for additive manufacturing
    • Save projects for multiple runs, or command line editing