SWOOD Design

  • Why SWOOD Design?

    SWOOD Design makes it easy to create projects in SOLIDWORKS with a range of specific features dedicated to wood and panel sectors.

    “ Design your fittings and furniture by drag and drop..”

  • Streamline your woodworking process with SWOOD. Key features include:

    • Material management: Part Thickness, Decor or grain direction, Edgebanding
    • Connectors: Mortise & tenon, Cam & Bolts, Dowels, Lamellos
    • SWOODBox: Drawers, Doors, Shelves, Partitions
    • Layout: Insert your cabinet and link its dimensions to a layout sketch
    • Profiling: Shapes library, Shapes replacements, Apply on multiple edge
    • Reporting: export to cutting Optimisation Program, Cut list, Hardware list



    SWOOD CAM manages NC machines with all wood-working specific technologies. Create your programs and manufacturing documents into SOLIDWORKS. Create your programs and manufacturing documents directly into SOLIDWORKS with full associativity.


    Features include:

    • Integration in SOLIDWORKS
    • Technology: multiple spindles, drilling aggregate and horizontal spindle
    • Reporting: Customised Documents Generation
    • Associativity: full associativity between SOLIDWORKS geometric entities and machining