• SOLIDWORKS® Standard delivers robust 3D design capabilities, performance, and ease-of-use.

    Not only can you create fully detailed parts, assemblies, and production-level drawings, but you can access all the tools required to generate complex surfaces, sheet metal flat patterns, and structural welded assemblies.

    SOLIDWORKS Standard also includes wizards to automate designs, perform stress analysis, and determine the environmental impact of components. Discover increased design productivity with SOLIDWORKS Standard.

    “SOLIDWORKS solved [previous system] issues while introducing new and powerful functionality that has helped us markedly improve our business.”

    – Brett Watson, Director at Kaon Consulting

  • Get up to speed quickly with SOLIDWORKS Standard and unlock the benefits of this powerful design and manufacturing solution.

    • SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD: create sophisticated part and assembly designs quickly and efficiently
    • Part and assembly modelling: handle all aspects of your part and assembly modelling
    • 2D Drawings: quickly create production-ready 2D drawings that are always current, and clearly communicate how your design should be manufactured and assembled
    • Share data directly with your suppliers and customers who also use SOLIDWORKS
    • Eliminate data translation which wastes time and can introduce design errors
    • Create any design, including the most complex parts and extremely large assemblies
    • Create 2D drawings with automated view creation, BOMs, and all the capabilities needed to fully detail your drawings
    • Automatically check for interferences and misalignments before going to manufacturing
    • Automate design and drawing creation with built-in configurability tools
    • Render and animation capabilities to create images and videos of the designs in action
    • Work directly with non-SOLIDWORKS CAD data and eliminate the need to translate files using SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect
    • Save time and reduce rework by checking the manufacturability of your designs and instantly finding interferences before going to manufacturing
    • Create CNC tool paths using industry-leading CAM tools powered by CAMWorks that include an intelligent database of machining rules and even the ability to automatically create CNC programs for your design (with a SOLIDWORKS subscription)

    What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2018

    SOLIDWORKS 2018 provides four new solutions to help you simplify interactions between product development teams and ultimately improve your business. Accelerate product innovation and grow your business with these new processes:


    Complete solution to bring your ideas to market

    For years, companies have survived despite having a separation between their design and manufacturing departments, both by organisation, and by the tools they use. SOLIDWORKS Design-to-Manufacturing Process Solution provides everything you need to bring your ideas to market. Design to final assembly work can now happen concurrently in one seamlessly integrated and managed system.
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    The right data, at the right time, for the right people

    Electronic data within organisation needs to be easy to access regardless of the format – from documents and spreadsheets to metadata, processes data, and data from enterprise resource planning. SOLIDWORKS Distributed Data Management (DDM) Process Solution can organise all this data so it is easy to access across many disciplines and departments. It also makes it easy to capture non-electronic data and complex electronic data such as 3D shapes.
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    Analysis tools for every step of design

    Great designs are the result of inspiration, perspiration, and hours of hard work. SOLIDWORKS Designer to Analyst Process Solution helps you speed up the complete design cycle. Your engineering and design teams can work together concurrently evolving product designs while validating any changes, and reusing previous analysis information.
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    Connect your smart devices to your customers

    Every day products are becoming more complex. As web and app functionalities are added to everything from cars to sunglasses, many companies are looking for intelligent tools that work together so they can design and build the “smart” products today’s markets demand. Recognising this, one of the easiest and fastest ways to achieve a more efficient process when designing connected devices is to use one single, unified environment.


    The arrival of smart manufacturing

    Smart Manufacturing is a term used to describe a connected and seamless flow of intellectual property to all teams involved, from design to manufacturing. The creation of IP involves knowledge-capture early in the design process with intelligence from varied skill sets, such as design, costing, quality, manufacturing, marketing, supply chain.

    In Smart Manufacturing, information is available when it’s needed, where it’s needed, and in the form in which it is most useful. Manufacturing intelligence is built up front to actively integrate the three major components in the development process: design, manufacturing and innovation.
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    “Smart Manufacturing is more than ‘integrated’ manufacturing. It also means taking advantage of the rich content contained in the 3D CAD model.”

    – Gian Paolo Bassi, CEO of SOLIDWORKS