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Benefits of the “Batch Property Import/Export’ Tool in SharpTask

Articles SOLIDWORKS Blog 16 March 2023

Benefits of the “Batch Property Import/Export’ Tool in SharpTask

Design manufacturers face some important challenges when dealing with project management, daily task, and workflows. Some issues may include inefficient team collaboration, ensuring on-time deliverables, staying on budget with projects, and sticking to project timelines. In this article, we will explore the benefits of the ‘batch property import/export’ tool in SharpTask for CAD users.

“Most CAD users waste their time on boring repetitive SOLIDWORKS documents instead of focusing on quality design & manufacturing”

The ‘batch property import/export’ tool in SharpTask allows CAD users to import and export multiple properties for multiple SOLIDWORKS documents at the same time. This tool has been widely accepted by users relying on the ability to update several SOLIDWORKS documents autonomously without having to open and update them individually.

This tool gives users the opportunity to import properties into a spreadsheet, group filenames and configurations as rows, and custom properties as columns. Once you’ve made the necessary changes, you can push the updated properties back to the SOLIDWORKS files as a batch.

Using the ‘Batch Property Import/Export’ tool on SharpTask:


Top 7 Benefits of the ‘Batch Property Import/Export’ tool in SharpTask:

1. Time-saving
One of the most significant problems for design manufacturers is time spent on menial SOLIDWORKS documents such as individually editing all SOLIDWORKS documents’ properties. The ‘batch property import/export’ tool has efficiently provided users with the ability to import/export multiple document properties at one time, allowing them to focus on large complex projects at the same time.

2. Consistency
The ‘batch property import/export’ tool has provided users with consistency across all SOLIDWORKS documents. This feature is extremely useful for updating multiple SOLIDWORKS documents with the same information such as updating title block content linked to custom properties.

3. Customization
The ‘batch property import/export’ tool has provided a specialised feature to customise which properties you wish to import/export. This allows users to choose which specific document property they wish to import/export focused on their specific needs and relevancy.

4. Accuracy
When manually updating multiple SOLIDWORKS documents, users experience a higher chance of ‘human error’. The ‘batch property import/export tool reduces these chances of ‘human errors’ by automatically updating all task properties based on information provided in the import/export file.

5. Scalability
The ‘batch property import/export’ tool supports users with the ability to manage large numbers of SOLIDWORKS documents. This creates an additional advantage when managing projects within a team, whilst still providing a great environment for individuals.

6. Backup and restore
This tool provides the opportunity to back up and restore your document properties at any given time.

7. Automation
The ‘batch property import/export’ tool can be utilised in conjunction with other #task macros to automate certain SOLIDWORKS document workflows, such as updating custom properties and exporting the drawings as PDFs. The tool can also be set up automatically, which will in turn save time and reduce errors. Once everything has been set up, the tool will take care of the rest.

“Are you tired of updating custom properties on batches of SOLIDWORKS® drawings and parts manually?”

The ‘batch property import/export’ tool has supported many CAD users to update multiple SOLIDWORKS documents at once, instead of updating each document manually. It has been proven to save time and focus on the important factors of the project, maintain consistent deliveries, and support team collaboration.

Tasks that would normally take you several hours to complete manually can now take minutes, helping many companies manage large numbers of files or complex SOLIDWORKS documents’ properties.

The “batch property import/export” macro available in SharpTask can help you streamline your SOLIDWORKS® workflow, save time, and improve productivity. If you’re looking for ways to optimize your design and manufacturing processes, this tool is definitely worth checking out.

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