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CI’s IC3D Series 3.6 LE vs Lenovo vs Dell vs HP

Articles Central Innovation 24 September 2018

CI’s IC3D Series 3.6 LE vs Lenovo vs Dell vs HP

6 Core Benchmark

At CI we have said since our inception that we build the world’s fastest workstations that will result in the best ROI.

Given this, we thought we would put our systems up against the best the competition can build. Below is a selection of workstations that are available to purchase on line. We selected the fasted 6 core systems our competitors offer.

We then went to the Passmark Database and selected these builds from their vast database of systems and in each case took the fastest record of each configuration.

With our 2 IC3D workstations we took the first 2 that had just been built and tested.


CPU Mark

CPU Single Threaded

Using our low latency C14 2,800MHz memory provides us with a clear advantage here. A lower latency means that our memory responds to any requests a lot faster. Typically Lenovo, Dell and HP are using 2,666MHz ECC C19 memory which means it takes 19 cycles at 2,666MHz to get a response from the memory vs 14 cycles @ 2,800MHz to get a response from the memory CI use in the Series 3.6.

Memory Mark

2D Mark 3D Mark

We can see here that our graphics results are better than like cards in competing systems. This has a lot to do with CPU speed and the motherboard itself rather than the graphics card. For the Quadro P4000 our results are between 15-20% better, and for the P2000 approx 13% better

Not All NVMe SSD’s are the same. We only use the fastest and most reliable in their class. Changing from a 250GB Samsung 970 Evo to a 500GB 970 Evo would give us a result of approx. 23,000. The Samsung PM9?? Drives are OEM versions of the 9?? Evo drives and the Samsung SM9?? Drives are OEM versions of the 9?? Pro drives


Passmark Score/ Price Ratio

List Price in GST

So the results are clear our IC3D workstations are the fastest in the world and provide the best ROI.

There is more to a workstation than the individual parts, and at CI we carefully select and test our components prior to settling on a BOM so that you can be assured that you have the absolute fastest and best value workstation money can buy.

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