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MaXXlink delivers streamlined BOM management solution

News Articles Central Innovation 17 June 2024

MaXXlink delivers streamlined BOM management solution

Introducing MaXXlink

A new intuitive solution designed to make the intricate process of BOM management simple.

This powerful collaborative tool delivers seamless workflow integration by synching with CAD software, streamlining BOM creation, and facilitating BOM transition from engineering to manufacturing.

Developed in-house by Central Innovation through leveraging its expertise in data management, CAD software, and manufacturing processes, MaXXlink’s key features have been designed to make it easier than ever to create comprehensive, accurate BOMs tailored to specific requirements. Central Innovation’s intimate knowledge of BOM creation and management led to the identification of key issues and pain points, including the labour costs and risks of error associated with manual data entry and transfer, as well as lost productivity due to task duplication.


With MaXXlink, you can:

✔ Maximise BOM accuracy by syncing BOMs from SOLIDWORKS and augmenting them with non-modelled items, reducing dependence on Excel and minimising the risk of error.

✔ Break down workflow silos between CAD and non-CAD users by enabling real-time collaborative editing of the latest BOM from SOLIDWORKS and seamless communication across the product development lifecycle.

✔ Boost efficiency by focusing on building your manufacturing BOM (MBOM) from CAD, minimising the need for BOM duplication, and using your BOM workspace for streamlined exports.

✔ Flexibly customise as needed by inserting columns, adding non-modelled items, defining units of measurement and automation rules and integrating formulas to calculate end costs.

✔ Easily visualise assembly structures thanks to MaXXlink’s intuitive hierarchical layout designed to simplify comprehension and facilitate decision making.

✔ Ensure cross-platform compatibility by seamlessly exporting BOMs in formats including CSV and PDF.

✔ Seamlessly integrate with SOLIDWORKS via an easy-to-use tools and options dashboard to support collaborations, prevent duplications and streamline workflows.

✔ Seamlessly transfer data to other systems.


Offering unprecedented capability for collaboration, MaXXlink has been developed in recognition of the BOM management challenges faced across manufacturing and engineering.

“The recognition of the inefficiencies and errors inherent in manual BOM management processes was the impetus for our R&D team to embark on the four-year journey to create MaXXlink,” says Central Innovation chief operating officer Shannon Reshno.

The R&D team collaborated extensively with manufacturers, engineers and CAD experts to gather insights, validate concepts and refine features for MaXXlink.

Once developed, MaXXlink was tested across multiple iterations and feedback loops to ensure it could perform effectively in line with user expectations.

The result is a versatile solution which meets the needs of contemporary manufacturing and engineering teams and paves the way for full ERP integration.

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