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The Archicad Experience – Madiha Abbas (Architectural Designer)

Articles Central Innovation 25 May 2021

The Archicad Experience – Madiha Abbas (Architectural Designer)

After experimenting with various 2D and 3D software’s, such as DataCAD, SketchUp, Revit, I found that ArchiCAD was the most intuitive and user-friendly software out there. ArchiCAD is one of the few programs that is easy enough to be self-taught (as I am), but sophisticated enough to perform complex detailing and design. There are various detailed tutorials available online to guide users with a helpful online community, which makes it easier to explore and learn.

ArchiCAD has numerous benefits; however, the main benefit that I have found is that it has a smooth, graphics-oriented interface that provides many options and ways to model. This flexibility is key in modelling and is very important to me as a designer.

Another benefit of ArchiCAD is the function of hotlinks, which allows large scale projects to be broken into manageable file sizes, while not losing any of the details or slowing down the model in 3D. One of the projects I had completed was a 27 unit development and by using hotlinks it allowed me to manoeuvre and document the construction set easily.

ArchiCAD’s function of Teamwork allows multiple users to assist on large scale project which saves time and allows for seamless and easy coordination between colleagues. Additionally, the sheer speed of documentation in ArchiCAD is, I believe, is its biggest asset as it allows for projects to go from 3D modeling to 2D documentation easily and efficiently.

Furthermore, the plug-ins of rendering programs, such as TwinMotion, Artlantis and Enscape, further, enhance ArchiCAD modelling to produce high quality renders and fly-throughs which effectively compete with other rendering programs on the market.

In conclusion, ArchiCAD is a software that has limitless potential and this is proven by developers constantly engaging with users to further improve and enhance their features and experience. One key example of this is Central Innovation CAD image tools, which are plug-ins that have been developed for users to assit them in modelling intuitively. The beauty of ArchiCAD is that it caters to sole traders all the way to large firms, hence it gives its users the flexibility to take away what they wish from the software. I can confidently say that once you have used ArchiCAD, you will see the light!



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