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Using High performance 3D Electromagnetic Analysis

Articles SOLIDWORKS Blog 15 March 2023

Using High performance 3D Electromagnetic Analysis

CST Studio Suite® is a high-performing 3D Electromagnetic (EM) analysis software package assisting in design, analysis, and electromagnetic systems optimisation. These electromagnetic field solvers across the EM spectrum are contained within a single user interface called the .CST Studio Suite.

The solvers can work in conjunction with hybrid simulations to analyse multiple components and streamline the process for engineering companies to work in an efficient and effective way.

Leading technologies and engineering companies all around the world have adapted to using CST Studio Suite®. The software provides additional market advantages, reduces costs, and becomes a mechanism for developing shorter cycles.

Additionally, the simulation enables the use of virtual prototyping which involves creating a digital model of a product, which can be used to simulate its behaviour and performance under different conditions. This has proven to save time and costs, and improve product quality.

Many issues that design manufacturers face during the prototyping phase require a complex process with special equipment and expertise, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

“CST Studio Suite means potential compliance issues are identified and mitigated early in the design process. The number of physical protypes required can be reduced, and the risk of test failures and recalls diminished.”

Understanding more about Electromagnetic Simulation Software

EM software gives manufacturers the ability to analyse the behaviour of electromagnetic fields, including electric and magnetic fields around their products. This allows them to understand how their products perform in real-world environments and to develop innovative designs accordingly.

The EM simulation process involves designing a computer model of the specific product and setting up the simulation parameters, such as the frequency range, input power, and material properties. The simulation software then uses numerical algorithms to solve the electromagnetic field equations and generate visualizations of the electric and magnetic field distribution in and around the product.

Manufacturers use the simulation results to estimate the performance of their products, such as the efficiency of an antenna, the signal quality of a high-speed digital circuit, or the radiation pattern of a radar system. They can also use the simulation results to adjust their designs, such as changing the dimensions or materials of a component to improve its performance.

Overall, electromagnetic simulation software is an extensive tool for manufacturers to ensure high performance and reliability in their products as well as reduce the time and process cost during the design phase.

Here are 5 common uses for CST Studio Suite:

1. Antenna Design and Analysis

Manufacturers use CST Studio Suite to design and optimise antennas for various applications, including mobile devices, wireless communication systems, radar systems, and satellite communication systems. CST Studio Suite provides a comprehensive set of tools for antenna design and analysis, including 3D electromagnetic simulation, antenna array analysis, and optimisation.

2. EMC/EMI Analysis

Manufacturers use CST Studio Suite to analyse the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) of their products. CST Studio Suite can simulate the electromagnetic fields generated by different sources, such as power supplies, motors, and antennas, and evaluate the impact of these fields on other devices and systems.

3. Microwave Component Design

Manufacturers use CST Studio Suite to design and analyze microwave components, such as filters, couplers, and amplifiers. CST Studio Suite provides a set of specialized tools for microwave design, including microwave circuit simulation, optimization, and electromagnetic field analysis.

4. Signal Integrity Analysis:

Manufacturers use CST Studio Suite to analyze the signal integrity of high-speed digital circuits, such as printed circuit boards (PCBs) and interconnect. CST Studio Suite can simulate the electromagnetic fields generated by these circuits and evaluate the effects of signal reflections, crosstalk, and other phenomena.

5. Multiphysics Simulation:

Manufacturers use CST Studio Suite for multiphysics simulations, which involve the interaction of electromagnetic fields with other physical phenomena, such as heat transfer, structural mechanics, and fluid dynamics. CST Studio Suite provides a range of tools for multiphysics simulation, including coupled electromagnetic-thermal, electromagnetic-mechanical, and electromagnetic-fluid simulations.

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