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Using Solidworks File Utilities

Articles Tips and Tricks Sriram Krishnan 19 May 2021

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Using Solidworks File Utilities

Solidworks file utilities replaces conventional renaming, replacing, and moving files without losing the references.

When file utilities are not visible or available, make sure the files are set to open with Solidworks Launcher.

Solidworks Launcher Missing

To set Solidworks Launcher, right click the file, go to Open with, and select Choose another app option(If the Solidworks Launcher doesn’t appear).

Choosing another app option

From the list of application select SOLIDWORKS Launcher and enable “Always use this app to open…” option.

Enabling Solid Launcher

If the Solidworks Launcher is not in the app list, right click the Solidworks file select “Properties.”

Selecting Properties

Browse to the location C>Program Files>Solidworks Corp> Solidworks (latest version installed), select swShellFileLauncher.exe.

Click Open

Click Open

Now you can use the Solidworks File Utilities

Solidworks File Utilities is Enabled

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