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23 days of ARCHICAD 23: Startup Dialog

Tips and Tricks Michael Warr 12 September 2019

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Day 4:

The new Startup Dialog allows you to see in one window your recent projects, capturing snapshots of the floor plan and 3d model. This smart new feature also has a direct link to sample projects provided by GRAPHISOFT and GRAPHISOFT Training Materials for new users.

Startup times are now faster and smoother; and you can now open multiple projects in one go!

23 days of archicad 23: startup dialog

Here you can even change some default settings for opening older projects, for example automatically migrating objects – substituting like objects for their newer equivalent while preserving their settings or reading objects directly from ARCHICAD ARCHIVE files when opening projects stored in the .PLA format.

23 days of archicad 23: startup dialog

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