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30th Anniversary splash screen

Tips and Tricks Joshua Osborne 10 March 2015


30th Anniversary splash screen

Ever get bored of looking at the same old ArchiCAD 18 splash screen?

How about – when ArchiCAD 18 starts up, rather than display the standard splash screen it display’s a different version?  This is a feature within ArchiCAD 18 to celebrate the 30th Anniversary version.

To change the splash screen you need to change the version number in the following text file:

MacOS…  /users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Graphisoft/ ArchiCAD30YearsAnniversaryEdition.txt

Windows… c:\users\[username]\Graphisoft\ArchiCAD30YearsAnniversaryEdition.txt

30 years anniversary


Now, when ArchiCAD starts, you see this…

51 splashscreen





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