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Split Level Buildings: Link Objects to Reference Level

Tips and Tricks Sandor Menyhart 13 June 2019


Split Level Buildings: Link Objects to Reference Level

The main important thing to know when you plan a split-level building is that you do not have to dedicate a separate story for each level. The managing of too many floors could complicate your workflow significantly.

It is also useful for the positioning, to set a reference level for the split levels in the Options > Project Preferences > Reference Levels. You can choose these levels to place the objects relative to them. Also you can determine all positions uniformly compared to Sea Level or Project Zero.

  • Enter the offset of the Reference Level to Project Zero

Project Preferences

  • Within the Object Default Settings press the arrow below to link the Object to one of the Reference Levels
  • Then Adjust the offset of the object to the Reference Level

Object Default Settings

As a result you will have a better control on objects placed on elevated stories of a split level building.

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