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Align Elements

Tips and Tricks Gareth Morgan 19 December 2016

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Want to align objects, text or drawings on your layout sheets?

Edit > Align allows you to align selected elements with each other.


  • Left / Right – All selected elements will align to the left/right most black node (bounding-box point) of the selected elements.
  • Top and Bottom – Does the same as Left and Right but are the topmost / bottommost point of the selected elements.
  • Center Horizontally – Will align selected elements halfway between the top and the bottom nodes on the Y coordinates.
  • Center Vertically – Similar to Center Horizontally but instead of the Y coordinates it will align them along the X coordinates.
  • Special Align – Allows you to align elements with more freedom than the above options. 1st choose which point you want to align, 2nd select how you want it eg “draw a line or arc” or by “clicking on an existing line or element edge”


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