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Compare screen colour with printed colour…

Tips and Tricks Joshua Osborne 11 May 2015

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Have you ever found the colours on screen don’t look quite like the colours you output on paper?  Well, without going in to display configuration, a simple thing you can do is use this great Object and print a version of your pen palette so you know what the colours will be like on your device(s).

You can find the Object in Graphic Symbols 18> Pens and Colors 18 as highlighted below:

pens and colours 00


I configured mine to have the same columns as the Pen dialogs in ArchiCAD so it looks as follows:

pens and colours 01

…and if you look closer you will see the Pen Number and RGB values:

pens and colours 02

If you switch to Style 2 it will also draw a section of line so you can see the thickness of the pen.

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