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Correcting Widely Scattered Models

Tips and Tricks Central Innovation 17 December 2016

Correcting Widely Scattered Models

When bringing models into SMC, you may find some components being displayed outside the normal 3-D View. These components can be the result of accidental placement of components outside the building, or simply legacy objects that are left behind from previous model versions. 

In SMC, these components cause issues with navigation because they generate such a vast 3-D View. A single misplaced object may be miles away from the building in the 3-D view, which results in SMC trying to accommodate for the single misplaced object by creating much more navigable space then is needed. You can correct for these issues in SMC when importing a file.

When first bringing in a model, if there is an issue with a component that is far away from any other relevant model components, a pop-up window will appear suggesting that the models are “widely scattered.”   Again, this is implying that the amount of space that will be generated in SMC’s 3-D view will be extremely large, and will almost certainly affect performance and navigation in SMC.


In the screenshot above, there are 553 components in one location, and one component in another that is several miles away.  Obviously, the single component is likely to be an error.

You can select the Zoom To Components zoom_to_components  icon to ‘zoom in’ to that object to see what it is.

Select the object in the 3D window to see the Info about the object and make a determination about what should be done.

If it is determined that you would like to ‘remove’ the item from the model, you can do so by clicking the Set to Selection Button Set to Selection Basket  to place that object in the Selection Basket.

From the Selection Basket, choose the Component Hierarchy COMPONENT_HIERARCHY icon, then right-click on the object and choose ‘Remove from Model.’


This will remove the object so that it is no longer in Solibri Model Checker.  It does not remove the component from the IFC file, however, so it is best to go back to the original design software at some point and correct the issue for future versions of the model.  By removing the component in SMC, you are temporarily removing the issue so that you can proceed with your model review.

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