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Downloaded Solidworks Weldment Profiles

Tips and Tricks Marketing 21 April 2015

Hi There,

There are a times when we do need more that the default Weldment profiles that SolidWorks provides.
There are a few places that you can download these Weldment profiles:

1) From the SolidWorks Design Library

SolidWorks provides an extended list of  Weldment profiles for users via the Design library.

The Design Library is on the Task Pane which is on the far Right hand side of your SolidWorks screen.

Downloaded solidworks weldment profiles

In the Design Library, you will want to go to Solidworks Content–> Weldments

Downloaded solidworks weldment profiles

To download these Profiles, Press and hold the control key (CTRL) on your keyboard and left mouse click on the standard required. A window will appear asking you where you want to save the files.

Downloaded solidworks weldment profiles

The Desktop is a good start.

2) From myIntercad

(myIntercad is mainly for clients on a subscription service with Intercad)
myIntercad is found in the same Task Pane as the Design Library in option 1.

Downloaded solidworks weldment profiles

Click on the ToolKit and navigate to Models –> Weldments

Downloaded solidworks weldment profiles

Select the profile you wish to use and click on download.

Downloaded solidworks weldment profiles

Once you download any Weldment profiles, you need to place them in the folder that SolidWorks refers to for the Weldment profiles.

1. Where does SolidWorks Look to for Weldment profiles.

a. Go to Tools Options / System Options / File location, In the Selection Folders to show for

Downloaded solidworks weldment profiles

b. Locate Weldment Profiles.

c. Take note of the folder location

Downloaded solidworks weldment profiles

d. Go to this folder in Windows Explorer and open it.

2.  Copy the Downloaded Weldment profiles to this folder

a. For myIntercad, The downloads should be in C:Users<User name>AppDataRoamingmyIntercadToolkit

b. For SolidWorks, this is where you chose to save the files(Desktop?)

3.            The folder for myIntercad may be hidden so to find it quickly,

a. Click the WindowsStart button

b. Type the following into the search bar “%Appdata%myintercadToolkit”

Downloaded solidworks weldment profiles

c. If this file is zipped, please extract the file and then Copy the extracted file to where your weldment profiles are stored

4.            Once this is done, check that the structure of the file is correct. It should be

i. Standard



b. Look into the extracted folder and make sure that the sequence is correct.

i. Sometimes the one step folder appears 2 times so check this and correct if needed.

5.            You should see the profiles in SolidWorks.

Downloaded solidworks weldment profiles

I hope this helps

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