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Exchanging Favourites Between Files

Tips and Tricks Raquel Rech 11 April 2019


Exchanging Favourites Between Files

You can easily bring your Favourites from a file to another following the steps below.

On the file you have created your Favourites:

  • Open the Favourites Palette (Window > Palettes > Favourites)
  • Click on the top right corner and choose Export/ Import
  • Choose the format, click export and search for a location on your computer where you can store the Favourites.

FavoritesInport/Export Favorites


On the new file, repeat the same steps, but this time, click on “Import” and search for the file you have just saved on your computer.

If you want to exchange only a portion of your Favourites, first select them on the Palette and check the option “Selected Favourites Only” before hitting “Export”.

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