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Grids in SMC and SMV

Tips and Tricks Central Innovation 17 August 2015

Both Solibri Model Checker (SMC) and Solibri Model Viewer (SMV) support grids in IFC files. If your model contains grids, you can view them in the footprint of the model by clicking the Show Footprint Controls button on the top menu bar of the 3D view.  This should turn on Space Info, Grids, and Component Footprints in the 3D view:

Show Footprint Controls


You can toggle grids on/off by clicking the Show/Hide Grids button in the Footprint Controls of the 3D View:

Show/Hide Grids


To customize the look of grids in the 3D view click File > Settings > Footprints… and select the Grid tab in the Footprints dialog that opens:



More information on these specific settings can be found in the help topics here:




NOTE: If you are exporting a Revit model that contains grids to IFC, but grids aren’t showing up in the model, it is likely the Grids category in the IFC Options in Revit is set to Not Exported.

In Revit, select Application Button > Export > Options > IFC Options.  In the dialog that opens, scroll down to Grids, ensure that the IFC Class Name for Grids is set to IfcGrid, and click OK:

Revit IFC Options
IFC Options in Revit

Upon exporting, your IFC files should now include grids.

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